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        As the regional plastic processing industry leader, Wanhui has formed the "troika" development trend of hardware manufacturing, innovative research and development and efficient service:
         (1)Hardware Strength
        The company has 25000 ㎡ modern industrial park, referring to the garden type factory district design at home and abroad, equipped with production, R&D, exhibition area, staff dormitory, staff canteen, staff room, library, training center, culture and sport activity center, etc.. Wanhui has built a beautiful, clean and orderly environment for employees’ production and living.
        The company actively introduces foreign advanced production equipment, and now has 68 sets of high-precision injection molding machines, 4 UV vacuum coating production lines, 8 dust-free automatic coating production lines and 6 automatic assembly lines, which can better meet the diversified, high-quality and efficient production needs of customers.
        (2) R&D Strength
        Innovation is the original intention of enterprises. Wanhui owns a professional R&D team that compose of more than 100 technical experts, members from market research experts, senior designer and materials research experts, to remain keen sense of smell about the fashion industry market trends, so that the company can do its innovative design according to different needs of customers and international fashion trend, so as to maintain its products in the lead from appearance to the comprehensive quality.
        (3) Service Strength
        Adhering to the concept of "let customers have no worries at home", Wanhui has fully integrated superior resources to formed a set of research and development, design, development, production, sales, maintenance in one of the "Wanhui type totally worriless" service, and strive to provide meticulous and thoughtful service for new and old customers, and constantly improve the added value of customer service.